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Tina Pinto

My professional path was drawn by my passion for film and my love for working with people. I am one of the co-founders of FEST – International Film Festival and Training Ground and have worked in other film festivals such as Giffoni Experience and the BFI London Film Festival.

In 2009 I did the Filmaking Certificate at the London Film Academy for hands-on approach to the art of making films.

My other passion is dancing and I take every chance to attend workshops, classes and specialized gatherings in various styles, such as contemporary, african tribal, world traditional dances, flamenco etc…. I had formal training in classical, modern ballet and contemporary dance.


B-Better is a hiphop education company. They seek to educate and empower the general public through classes, workshops & events and our motivation is self-expression.

Equals Music

Equals Music provides bespoke music and sound design. From epic orchestral arrangements and intricate sound design to brooding atmospherics and pulsating dance beats.

Equals Music
Bird College

Founded by Doreen Bird 60 years ago, Bird College is an acknowledged centre of excellence for dance and theatre performance.

Bird College Website

Based in the East end of London and open for nearly 30 years, the Vatican Studios is home to many major label and independent acts, dance crews,? west end shows and hundreds up and coming artists.

The Vatican Website
The Chisenhale Dance Space

Chisenhale Dance Space is a home for risk and experimentation in dance and performance. Situated in the heart of Tower Hamlets for over 30 years, Chisenhale Dance Space is responsive to the needs of its local and artistic communities whilst striving for artistic and organisational resilience.

Chisenhale Website
The Painting Practice

Painting Practice was established in 2005 by Joel Collins and Dan May, who at the time wanted to bridge the gap between the traditional world of production and the rapidly developing digital world of post-production. In more recent years they have joined forces with an extremely talented artist Justin Hutchinson-Chatburn who has become the third partner and Rafael Martin Coronel, their gifted lead concept artist.

Painting Practice Website