C.T.R.L. is more than a fresh idea, it’s a short relevant to our times.

Its London look, silent cinema performances and street dance influence, give it a wide international appeal.

We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and are convinced that once the short is made available online it will go viral.

To create even more of a buzz, we have a publicity stunt on the cards with apps and online magazine articles raising awareness to the short.

We’d also love to see C.T.R.L being broadcast, so if you are looking for quirky shorts for your channel, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We intend to make a behind the scenes video and put together a booklet with making off info, storyboards and stills, just for the fans.

We are developing a follow up, longer short, and we’d be interested in hearing from brands willing to support us via product placement and branded content.