LA Film Review awards C.T.R.L with an Honourable Mention in Editing


LAFR has not only nominated C.T.R.L for Best Music it awarded the film with an Honourable Mention in Best Editing. The Los Angeles Film Review is an entertainment news, review and technology website, devoted to the film industry. 

We were proud to be screened as a part of  LAFR, a festival that brings  an industry level view of the broader filmed entertainment industry, as the current editorial atmosphere trends towards gossip and celebrity. Their focus is instead on the content being produced, from a “boots on the ground” point of view.

The Independent Film Awards were conceived in response to the growing field of independently produced films and shows we’ve been seeing on the festival circuit. Technology has now progressed enough to remove the major financial barriers to image acquisition. It shows, as the quality of the truly independent films being produced has increased dramatically.

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