Directors Statement

C.T.R.L is undoubtedly unconventional. Whilst it paints the picture of a typical love story it constantly reinvents itself.

Inspired by physical theatre techniques & street dance, C.T.R.L mixes the quirkiness of music videos with the glossy feel of high-end commercials to create a short with a urban feel that is nothing but true to its time. It incorporates a very London attitude with a feminine touch and a warm sense of humour that makes it irresistable.

I believed in C.T.R.L from day one. It was a risky idea but that made it even more appealing. I could grasp the potential and the bigger the risk, the bigger the achievement.

It’s a visionary short that will add another spark to the discussion of how far we are willing to take technology.

From young professionals looking for a quick shot of entertainment, to dance enthusiasts, gamers, kids and a more mature audience in search of something different, C.T.R.L will appeal to a vast and varied audience.